Got­Masks­MA is the hub that con­nects peo­ple who need hand­made, reusable face masks with peo­ple mak­ing hand­made, reusable face masks for free. We are here to make it sim­ple to post requests, so mask-mak­ers can eas­i­ly scroll through them and reach out direct­ly to those in need. Please remem­ber: there are many needs for masks at the moment, and it may take a lit­tle bit of time to con­nect with a mask-mak­er.

In the last 853 days: 335 total requests — 42 from agen­cies — and 335 have been ful­filled.
There have been 589 offers to make or sup­ply masks to those request­ing.
In total 6057 requests for indi­vid­ual adult masks6057 have been deliv­ered.
In total 1024 requests for indi­vid­ual child masks1024 have been deliv­ered.
7081 masks deliv­ered in 853 days!

How It Works

Need reusable masks? Click on “Post a Request” and fill out the form. We will do our best to accom­mo­date all your needs; how­ev­er, due to mate­r­i­al short­ages, we may not be able to give you exact­ly what you request. Once approved, your list­ing will be post­ed on our site anony­mous­ly. It will be avail­able for mask-mak­ers to see.

Mak­ing reusable masks to give away? Scroll through all posts by click­ing “Show Requests.” You can choose the loca­tion that you are able to help. When you see a request you can ful­fill or want to help on (if it’s a large order), click on “Click Here to Help” and enter your infor­ma­tion. That email will be sent to the requester. Then, the requester will con­tact the mask-mak­er to coor­di­nate a col­lab­o­ra­tion through email or on the phone.

If you get offers from mul­ti­ple mask-mak­ers, please choose one, and then email each of the oth­ers back ASAP that you are already work­ing with a mask-mak­er, so the oth­er mask-mak­ers can move on to oth­er requests.

When your request has been ful­filled, go to your post and click on “remove my request” to delete your post. This way, mask-mak­ers can move on to oth­ers still in need.

Note: Right now, we are focus­ing on vol­un­teer efforts.

Got Fab­ric Scraps?

If so, please hold on to them! We are also col­lect­ing unus­able, left­over fab­ric scraps from mask-mak­ers for a project. Please use the con­tact form below to let us know how/when we can pick up your fab­ric scraps. Thanks!

You can con­tact us with this form: