Successful post of an item

Your offer will be post­ed short­ly, and you will receive an email from “Got­Masks­MA” (check your spam or junk box if you do not receive it; click here for Gmail instruc­tions to nev­er block (whitelist) the domain If a mask-mak­er can use what you are offer­ing, you will receive an email direct­ly from them. Remem­ber to remove your offer once it is com­plete (instruc­tions in the email).

Please keep the fol­low­ing in mind …

Safe Col­lab­o­ra­tion
Got­Masks­MA requires all col­lab­o­ra­tion to be done using social dis­tanc­ing. Please arrange for a safe way to pick up or drop off items with­out human con­tact (e.g., leav­ing on a porch). You’re wel­comed to have the items sit in a bag for 3+ days before exchang­ing them so the germs die off.

And thank you!